So I took the bar.

I did it. It is done and I have done it. Dear God please let me not have to do that again.

I wouldn't wish the entire process on my worst enemy.

Studying for the bar not only makes you crazy, it also makes you really really boring to talk to or be around. I apologize.

Five thousand bar takers in New York City. Have never felt so much like a head of cattle in my life.

You'd think a convention center in Manhattan would be better at crowd control.

Five thousand people taking a six-hour long test with one very short, strictly enforced lunch break... is like an illustration of potty parity. I know a couple girls who spent their entire lunch breaks in line.

On much the same note, the cab stand basically looked like the Hunger Games.

On day two, when I finished the morning a bit early, I actually had a really good lunch. I walked up to the Empire State Building, and got cart hotdogs, and walked back down to the Hudson River Park and wandered around, and sat and ate watching the water. And then walked to the subway afterward and went past my favorite subway art. I know other people love their cities- really, I do, I know I'm not the only person in the world who loves her city- but sometimes it just blows me away that I'm lucky enough to live here.

Perhaps the oddest thing about the entire damn experience is how NICE people are to you. Everybody taking the bar is identified by a bright green wristband. You see anybody you recognize in a wristband? "Hey! Good luck! You're doing great!" Anybody recognizes you in a line? "Hey! Almost over, hang in there!" The proctor, walking down the row and getting us all to sign in? "You guys are doing so good, you're almost done!" The guy behind me in line at Subway? "Hey, you're taking the bar? My aunt took it a couple years ago. My aunt's kind of a moron, so if she can pass you definitely will. Good luck!" Random people on the street? "Hey, you're one of the bar people- chin up! You can do it!" A woman in a flight attendant uniform going to the airport shuttle stopped when we were in line to tell us her son was taking it in California right now, and then she went down the line pointing at each person individually yelling "You're going to pass! And you're doing to pass! And you're going to pass!" until the shuttle honked. Seriously, I had no idea this was such a cultural Thing. Probably never again in my life will so many random strangers be so nice to me on one day.

And yet, despite everybody being REALLY nice, and the fact that I had wine and cake waiting for me at home, I still don't want to do it again.

Nest up: major medical shit, giant fights about money, job I am in no way prepared for. This couple month stretch is shaping up extraordinarily unpleasant.

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Vid rec (because I needed one nice thing in my life today)

What I knew about Evidence 24 hours ago: There’s something called hearsay, and that’s no good.

24 hours later… I don’t even know that. (This is a lie; I’m also good on FRE 702 and Daubert. As long as every evidence question is about expert testimony, I’ll pass! What do you suppose my chances are?)

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And so I watched it a bunch of times today, because it’s one of those examples of beauty and meaning and resonance from the most unexpected direction, and I am always so grateful when a fan-creator blindsides me that way.

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IM3 rec

I like that bit right in between fic and meta. Accordingly, let me rec Gary the Cameraman: A Profile by [personal profile] lettered, which is about Iron Man 3 and also about comic books and what media does right and does wrong and what to do with that.

The best part of being back in the fandom is that sense of incredible relief you get when other people say the smart things you were trying to think and couldn't quite manage. IM3 reaction posts today are like the biggest sigh of relief ever.

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So many cobwebs to clean out!

So. I went away due to law school, and I stayed away for too long. And then when I realized I needed to find an online community again, I found one that ended up being really psychologically not healthy for me. And so here I am, I guess, going… take me back? Please?

1. What can I be watching/obsessing about that has a good fandom right now?

2. Where is the action? Lots of things I liked are dead now and I’m just feeling a little bit… lost. Like, Sweet Charity is dead- where are the actions now? Are kinkmemes still a thing? I don’t even.

3. Is it possible to be all fannishly participatory on DW/LJ/AO3 alone, or am I now required to have a tumblr? Or is it something else entirely that I am too old and stupid now to know about?

4. Fandom specific
a. Oh my god did I have Strong Feelings about IM3. I'm weeks too late, but... it didn't leave much room for the Avengers fandom to breathe, did it?
b. My Little Ponies: This is a thing, right? I love the art on equestriadaily, but are there specific coms or people I should be following here for MLP?
c. Who are the big name people I should be reading for Game of Thrones, and/or where are the best recs?
d. Does anybody other than me care about The Borgias?

I feel so lost. It’s like when I first discovered fandom proper and have no idea how the hell to start, but now it’s sad because I used to. I will basically never have the time again that I did before but I am worse without a lot of those fannish habits so I need to figure out new ones I do have time for.

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Oh, that crazy pony cartoon

So one of my main guilty pleasures in the last four or five months has been My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I'm pretty much convinced it's one of the better things going right now. It's also basically everything a feminist could possibly want out of a kids cartoon.

But I just watched Dragon Quest, and I gotta say... I think they fucked up. Gender-based analysis of this episode plz? Where am I to find such a thing?

Ep under cut.

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(I just realized that my current "feminism" icon is completely inapropos for "I think this may be perpetuating some really terrible stereotypes of masculinity," but I don't think I have one for that...)

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Apparently Jews wear costumes to celebrate Purim. I did not know this.

It's not so notable that there is a Jewish holiday that involves costumes. Nor is it notable that on such a holiday, the New York subways would be full of Jews in costumes.

What is notable is that yesterday afternoon I got on a subway car packed to the gills with Orthodox men wearing neon clown costumes with tzitzis hanging out and jester hats attached with little kippah clips, and my reaction was basically "look, another Thursday." Oh, New York.

Oh, hey, queer girls: Jennifer Morrison cares about us and wants us to be happy.

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Science fiction

The two best images on the internet this week

First, predictable insta-rec: Bohemian Rhapsody, by [personal profile] cesperanza, in which Sherlock takes a case for Lady GaGa DaDa.

Second, the following are the two best images on the entire internet of the past week: Number One and Number Two.

I'm not sure what that combination says about me.

Third, still unemployed and psychologically fucked up about it. Send job offers best wishes, please?

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Science fiction

Eyes Turned Skyward

I left fandom for a couple months (because of my AMAZING SUMMER JOB OMG) so of course I missed Space Girl by [personal profile] charmax until now. It is, of course, an amazing vid. It's basically the entire history of televised science fiction as seen through the lens of female characters, with all the kitch and tropes and awesomeness and awe that suggests. Amazing.

Speaking of which.

On Friday, this happened for the last time.

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Everyone -- EVEYONE -- who feels even the smallest fraction of what I do about this needs to go watch To Touch the Face of God by destina, and good luck to the Atlantis crew for their safe return home.

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