no longer a wax-winged prodigy (dragojustine) wrote,
no longer a wax-winged prodigy

Fear the Sticky Post!

So, Me:

Hi! I'm Justine, a 20-something fangirl in Seattle. See also ten things I assume you know about me.

I'm a Ravenclaw, an INTJ, and a lover of passionate debate. I'm told I can be tactless and abrasive; nothing is personal.

Contact info is in this filtered post. If you want to see it, drop me a holler.

On Friending, Remixing, Betaing, all forms of fannish interaction:

Friend, defriend, no need to ask or apologize! I try to be low-drama. However, if I know you off-lj, please do drop me a comment or I will never connect your lj-name with your face.

All fic open for reccing, remixing, podficcing, making graphics, etc (she says, hopefully). No need to ask but please do point me to any results!

I love being a beta, though I don't advertise or do it for random strangers anymore; that became stressful. If I know you and you'd like me to look at something, please ask! Be aware that I have made students cry, know that you != your writing, understand that I care about craft and fic being good and arguing about ideas, and the more red ink on a draft, the more I find it worth engaging with.

What's here:

Politics, book and movie reviews, meta, polyfannish reactions and squee, the occasional rec, my life, random stuff, hot boys, and less fic than I'd like.

Everything is tagged, and there is also a writing filter where I keep all my WIPs, pleas for betas, brainstorming, and general navel-gazing, so as to avoid flist spammage. Want on (or off)? Go here.

And here's the fic index.
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