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SHIELD, finally

I LOVED that.

Everything about Coulson worked for me- the Tahiti jokes, setting up a mystery with him, letting Skye interrogate Ward. All good. It does read a lot like they've been reading Coulson fanfic, yes. (Except that in the fanfic Hawkeye would have found out he was back in the land of the living and would be refusing to leave his side.)

Fitz-Simmons has a lot of potential. Sure, they're no McKay-Zelenka, but they'll have a way more prominent role than the McKay-Zelenka dynamic did (the wonder of that relationship, honestly, existed more in the fanon than in the show). And yeah, they feel pretty Torchwood-y, but I'm okay with that.

I am totally on board with the criticism of the handling of Mike, and I do hope he's a recurring.

I mostly loved it as much as I did, I think, because it gave me the sense of a thing that has been missing from my TV (I mean, from presently-airing shows) for a while- since SGA went off air, actually. It's a currently airing SF show that gave me the sense of a big expansive universe full of possibilities, with a core team of characters who I think I could get really attached to and want to just hang out with. I just haven't found one of those since SGA, so I'm really excited.

P.S. [personal profile] giandujakiss on Skye.

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