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Game of Thrones rec

GOT rec: They Will Crown You, They Will Take Your Legs by [personal profile] netgirl_y2k.

This is 2k of Dany/Doreah, which I found because the author posted a commentary on it and author commentaries are like crack (Filling like meta! Tasty like fic!).

It's amazing for being very emotionally complicated in a very short fic, and for exactly hitting the notes of Dany complexity that I like and that I am on tenderhooks hoping the show does well enough. Doreah's enslavement just permeates the fic, and one of the best complex/interesting/infuriating things about Dany is that she does not understand slavery as well as she thinks she does; that she has co-opted that narrative as her own, and does not actually see slaves clearly as people or slavery clearly as an institution because she has made it All About Her. Which is interesting, and the books did it well.

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